How to get coordinates for your planned camp...

1 - Open this Google Map link on a computer (no, not your phone, you monster)

2 - Make certain you are signed into a Google account

3 - Click on the three stacked dots in the map legend title bar

4 - Select Copy map

5 - Click OK

6 - You’ll now be working in a ‘Copy of 2021 Black Rock Desert Camps’ in your Google Drive. Drag and zoom around the map to find your desired camp pin location.

7 - Click on the Add marker tool

8 - Click on the map where you want your camp. A pin named “Point ###’ will be created.

9 - Copy the coordinates from your pin

10 - Paste the coordinates into the Black Rock Desert Camps map form

You must submit the coordinates via the form to be placed on the shared community map. The pin on the map copy you made to get your coordinates does not put your camp pin on the shared map.