What does the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) have to say about this?

Is there a way to search for a camp other than panning and scanning around the map?

Yes. 'View larger map' in Google Maps and there's a search tool and a list in the map legend.

How do I get to my intended camp location on the playa?

Follow the DIY Placement guide!

How can I find other camps when I get to the playa?

Assuming your destination camp also followed the DIY Placement guide, you can use the 2021 Black Rock Desert Camps list in the what3words app to find your way. Otherwise, it's really up to the wind and serendipity.

How can I find other camps when I get to the playa?

Assuming your destination camp also followed the DIY Placement guide, you can use the 2021 Black Rock Desert Camps list in the what3words app to find your way. Otherwise, it's really up to the wind and serendipity.

Can I visit the hot springs in the area?

"Mark Hall here, BLM Field Manager for the Black Rock. Please stay out of Frog Pond unless invited by the landowner. Last year he reached his limit during 4th of Juplaya and the Non-Event Event and had people cited by the sheriff. Trego is on BLM land but the water rights are held by the same individual who owns Frog Pond. Trego is contaminated with cholera and fecal coliform. As fast as we post warning signs people take them down. Black Rock hot springs has no major bacterial issues but its temperature has been fluctuating erratically over the past few months. Enter with caution. The BLM does not manage the hot springs in the Black Rock NCA for recreational use. State law does not permit camping within 300 ft of a water source. Other questions? Feel free to email me at mehall@blm.gov or call 775-623-1500." 06/04/2021 20:17 PDT screen cap

If we are just a small group of family/friends coming to check things out, do we need to add our camp to the map?

There is no rule to add or not to add. The map is just a fun, community-built tool to see who's intending to be there and participate in their own way. Individuals, small groups, or larger groups may ask for their camp pin to be put on the map if they want to advertise in advance their intention to be on the playa, but there's no requirement or expectation that they do so.

Where can I submit events for the planned events guide?

L.O.S.T Guide - List Of Shit To(do) 2021 Submission Form: https://forms.gle/J3uELCzxANSfwLpK7

What's with the BRC street grid? Are there two cities being planned?

Google Maps includes the traditional BRC street grid on the base map and Plan B is collecting volunteered information for camps intending to create a constellation around a different center point than traditional BRC. There are no cities being planned. Only honest intentions and dishonest misinformation provided by the community are being collected on the map.

What's the chance the BLM will close the Playa during the traditional burn week?

"Mark E Hall, Black Rock Field Manager here. While the BLM is still formulating plans on ensuring safe, responsible recreation on the Black Rock playa this summer, closing the playa is not on the table with local and state BLM leadership. There may be some sort of restrictions put in to place to ensure public health and safety and minimize resource damage (very similar to the stipulations put on the Burning Man permit), but closures at this time are not on the table. Last year the 3000-3500 people that came out practiced responsible recreation--our worst issues were a drunk and disorderly, people driving around with their lights off at night, a left behind waste bucket, and something a lot of us (recreationists even) realized in real-time, most camps were not that well lit at night (to avoid being hit at night by those driving). The BLM wants to see responsible recreationists out on the public lands in 2021--they are the American public's lands. Questions, etc.--mehall@blm.gov or 775-623-1500 (though next week, given my meeting schedule getting me on the phone is slim)." 06/05/2021 18:17 PDT screen cap

Will there be placement people driving around in golf carts to help me find my spot?

Will there be roads or street signs when I get to the playa?

No. Well, there may be signs, but follow them at your own risk.

How can I communicate in an emergency? (HAM radio information for emergency calls)

-- via Joel Briggs in Plan B Facebook group --


First and most importantly, be familiar with the radio before coming out to the playa. Many websites will show you how to program and use the radio. Program the radio! Make sure it is fully charged. Check to ensure the antenna is not loose. Know how to use the radio! Store it in a place where everyone in the camp knows its location. If in doubt, find a HAM operator to assist you with programming your radio. A good radio to have is the Baofeng UV-5R. Its cheap, easy to program, and small. Easy to order from Amazon or eBay.

Secondly, anyone, licensed or not, can use radio equipment in an emergency to call for help on any frequency.


PRIMARY 145.23 MHz (-), PL 123.0

SECONDARY 440.175 (+) PL 100.0 (this frequency can dial 911)

FINAL 146.52 SIMPLEX (If no answer on primary)

Make the radio call:

1. Ensure everyone else is safe and you are in a safe location to make the call.

2. Turn up your radio’s power to the limit and clearly say, “Mayday Mayday Mayday” or “Break Emergency” at the first opportunity. If one station is weak, a stronger signal can get the attention of listening stations. Don’t shy away from interrupting an ongoing conversation.

3. WAIT UNTIL SOMEONE RESPONDS BACK. IF NO ONE RESPONSES BACK IN 30 SECONDS TRY AGAIN. If after one minute, try other radio frequencies. Remember to stay calm. The exact wordings are much less important than doing your best to remain calm and to provide the pertinent information as soon as possible.

4. When they reply back, follow the instructions you receive from the HAM operator or other emergency official on the frequency. The channel must stay clear until the emergency is over.

5. The HAM operator will clear the call once the emergency is over.

6. If another emergency is declared during the call, the HAM operator will provide additional instructions.

"Mayday Mayday Mayday" are for life-threatening emergencies; not breathing, a broken bone, unconscious, OD, heatstroke, etc. But if in doubt, make the call!

“Break Emergency” are for reporting a wildfire or traffic accident that does not directly threaten you.

For the person taking the call, it is recommended you have a ham license, ability to communicate off the playa (cell phone, satellite phone, or other). If you do not have the means to communicate off the playa, do not respond to the emergency call unless there is no response.

For medical personnel willing to help, please acknowledge the emergency, and work with the HAM operator. I know of four camps that will be monitoring all frequencies and having the ability to communicate beyond the playa.

No others may interrupt the emergency call unless medical or law enforcement.

Frequency PL Notes

440.175 (+) 100.0 Best Black Rock UHF repeater. You should be able to hit this with an HT over most of the playa, from Double Hot hot springs to Gerlach. Includes a phone patch for 911 or personal telephone calls and is also EchoLink node 7238 (W7BRD-R) and IRLP node 7249. Dial *911 to activate phone patch and then follow voice prompts; *73 hangs up. Located in the mountains along the east side of the playa and operated by the Black Rock Amateur Radio Association.

145.23 (-) 123.0 Best Black Rock VHF repeater. You should be able to hit this with an HT over most of the playa and, with a mobile rig, as far south as Nixon on Highway 447. It is located on Granite Ridge above Highway 34 on the west side of the playa and operated by Friends of Black Rock.

146.52 simplex None National VHF simplex calling frequency, often used by hams in the Black Rock.

If I missed something, please reply. Only reply if it is specific to this post. All others will be deleted.

Joel Briggs

How can I download the KML/KMZ data points to import in the application of my choice?

Where are the porto potties located?

Get in your car and go back to Reno.

What is Gerlach doing to prepare for the end of August Burner visitor surge, you ask?

>>>Read This Post From Gerlach Outreach<<<

August 3, 2021 1:34 PM PDT

What is Gerlach doing to prepare for the end of August Burner visitor surge, you ask? Here's the answers! I will add to this as I find out more. I'm still waiting to hear from our local propane company as to whether they will be open and what hours might be.

Your questions were....

Private water Sales?


Trash Drop Off?

Medical Treatment and Transportation? Helipad?

Communications Relay from Playa to Emergency Services?

Towing and Lockout services?

Mechanical or Tire Repair?

Fuel Services Gas, Diesel, Propane?

Overnight Accommodations?

Trailer RV Rentals?

Rides or Transportation?

Prepared Food?


Resources will be slim. Be safe out there and take care of yourself in every way possible.

There may be a few medical camps on playa. Learn where they are ahead of time.

You can always shorten your stay or reconsider coming out.

Gerlach Fire Station- They are understaffed and are uncertain whether they will have any ambulance service during the dates of August 23 through September 7. They have only one ambulance assigned to them. Always Call 911 first. Gerlach has asked that if they have access to transportation, that you meet them at the paved road on Highway 34.

Nixon Fire Station - Only servicing emergencies from Highway 80 exit 43 to mile marker 50 on Highway 447. Call 911

- Fernley Renown Urgent Care- This is the closest healthcare facility to the Playa. 80 miles south of Gerlach.

- E. Reno urgent care facilities – Vista Blvd., and USA Parkway Urgent Care off I-M80.

- Renown Hospital in Reno is the Regional Trauma Center for the Reno area.

- Pharmacies- The closest pharmacies are Walmart and Walgreens in Fernley.


- Empire Store is taking pre-orders for ice. Email empirecountrymarket@outlook.com. She will take your order and let you know how to pick it up. We do not know the cut off date for orders. ORDER early. Empire Country Market’s phone number is 775-557-2145.

- High Rock Pizza will also be selling ice behind the old hotel at the Oasis.

- Bruno’s gas station and local businesses will have some ice. Remember they have a business to run and need their ice for customers.


There will be NO water sales in Gerlach for 2021.

- Black Rock Rentals in Empire will be selling water. Bring your own jugs or containers. They can not deliver to you on playa.

-Way Out Here Water offers filtered Artesian Water. Potable bulk water is available at Duck Flat, NV. They are located 35 miles north of Gerlach on hwy 447, between mile markers 107-108. If you're coming in from Cedarville you can’t miss them. For more information go to www.wohwater.com, or 775-224-3884.

PUMP OUT SERVICES - There are no services available this year.

In case you didn't know Gerlach has a natural evaporation sewage plant, not a mechanical one. Our plant uses nature to dissolve and evaporate our waste. We are not set up for the chemicals used in portable toilets. Besides, Gerlach has never provided this service.

- Black Rock Rentals in Empire will have a “GRAY WATER ONLY” dumping area. You will have to drive to Empire for this service.

- Iveson Ranch has RV and Porta Pottie dumps as well. $50. Per RV. Take a right at 12 mile exit and it’s about 4.2 miles after you hit the gravel road. It’ll be on your left just past Black Rock Farm, state route 34, Gerlach NV.


-Gerlach will NOT be taking trash. Pack it in, pack it out.

-Black Rock Rentals in Empire will be taking trash at $5. a bag.




- Bruno’s gas station has a mechanic and tow truck.

Phone # 775-557-2272.

- There is no Lockout service in the Gerlach/Empire area. Please have an extra key made and placed somewhere on the outside of your vehicle. If you have to call for lockout service they will have to come from Fernley, Fallon or Reno. If you have ON STAR there is the possibility that you have no internet connection for them to assist you.


- Bruno’s is booked solid. You can always call and ask.

Phone # 775-557-2220.

- The closest lodging is in Fernley.

- Do not camp or park overnight in Gerlach.

- NO camping in the Water Tower Park in Gerlach.


- Bruno’s Restaurant offers inside dining. To go orders are available. # 775-557-2220

- High Rock Pizza will be open daily for lunch and dinner, starting August 25 through September 7. They are located at the OASIS, outside the old hotel, 405 Main St., in the alcove accessed through the driveway. There is parking out back.

- Miner’s Club is kid friendly from 7am to Noon. They have breakfast sandwiches, bagels, breakfast burritos, croissant melt, pizza. Beat the heat with a nice cold fruit smoothie, frappe or an iced coffee! They also have water, sodas and energy drinks.

Open evenings for cocktails starting at 5 pm to ???

- Hog Head Grill Food Truck is located behind the Miners Club. Serving Tacos, Burritos, Indian Tacos, and other delights like ice cream!

- DON’T depend on them to feed your entire group.

- DO patronize them if the wait time and timing works for you.

- PLEASE be patient and courteous to the locals.

- PLEASE Dress appropriately. No one wants to look at that while they are eating.


Leave your pets at home! There are no pet sitting services in Gerlach. Playa paw is real and hurts our furry friends. Many pets have spooked and run off over the years and succumbed in a miserable way. Hot springs can be lethal. If you love your pet, leave it home.


- Bruno’s gas station has a bathroom but Gerlach’s sewer system can not handle it all. Don’t be surprised to find it closed to the public during this event. They also have a laundromat.

- If you need to use the restroom there are Porta Potties located at the OASIS.

Please buy something while you’re there.

- There is a BLM bathroom 1 mile outside of Gerlach by the BLM station on the hill to your left, when you leave Gerlach.

- Please DO NOT potty in front of someone's house.

- It is illegal to poop and pee on the playa. You know what to bring and do. Bring a potty bucket, jugs, and bags. Don’t depend on someone else's porta pottie. If you're towing one...use it!


- Gerlach WILL NOT be taking trash!

DO NOT pile your trash at the Gas Station! In the laundromat! Or leave it at the side of the road! You MUST take your trash and human waste with you.

- Dispose of grey/blackwater properly. There will be a GRAY WATER ONLY dumping station in Empire, across from the store. Easy access.

Do not abandon anything in town.

Pack it in. Pack it out!


Friends of Black Rock High Rock at 320 Main Street offer information on the surrounding area, free maps and expert travel advice.

- It is prohibited to drive in the dunes surrounding the NCA. Drive on the flat portions of the playa only. The dunes are habitat for many species. Respect the land.

I hope this helps you all. If there is anything else, I will try to get the answer for you.

SWAG is always appreciated!! ...Cindy Carter